Terms of Service

By clicking on the “order it” button below I confirm that I am authorizing By My Side Pet Memorials to produce the pet memorial I have chosen.  I confirm that I have carefully entered the wording to be engraved on the memorial, paying particular attention to spelling and dates.  By My Side accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions made by me.  A proof for approval will be e-mailed from By My Side for my approval prior to production of my pet memorial.

If I have uploaded a photograph of my pet, I understand that By My Side will do the best job possible of reproducing the photograph on the memorial but the quality of the reproduction is dependent on the quality of the photograph provided.  I also understand that the photograph is being produced on natural stone which limits the quality of the reproduction.

The pet memorial purchased is produced from natural granite and is guaranteed against manufacturers defects for a period of five years. 

I understand that my pet memorial is a unique work of art, custom-made for my pet and as such returns or refunds are not possible.

Memorials ordered will be shipped or made ready for pickup within 3 working days of approval of proof.

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